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I confess I am a workaholic who fiercely loves her family. I struggle to find the balance between all of this and though it’s really hard it also a lot of FUN! I am brutally honest about this adventure we call being a working mom & through my honesty I hope to empower and inspire women to believe that they can do this.

“Motherhood is not the end of your Identity”

I am a Fashion professional by the nature of my job & General Manager Design & Marketing by designation. I work for a Bombay based export house and deal with clients like zara, oysho, Mango, Next, urban outfitters. In the past i had worked for brands like H&M, river island, top-shop and Masimo dutti to name a few.My job involves extensive travel around the globe for presentations & meetings. People who know me ,Know my jet setter life before becoming a MAMA.

I love my job & love my travels, it gives me a perspective to live life differently. Experiencing multi culture on my work trips definitely changed my horizon to a lot of things. Also it is so much self empowering to go out their in the world and make your mark.

I had my SONshine with great difficulty & a lot of wait but the wait was worth it. I love him more then words but at the same time i cant give up on my identity, And work is a very important part of me. Working full time & raising a tiny human sounds like a lotof work right!?! So the question is how do i do it?


“I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible — oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”Tina Fey

Do i spend enough time with my son ? Am i part of his daily happenings ? How do i take care of him while being at work?

And the Answer to this is – I strike a balance, and have best of both worlds. Here are 10 ways, how i strike a work-life balance –

  1. Let go off the guilt – Rather than dwell on how you’re not with your child, think about how your role of being a Working mom is benefiting the family. Your reason to work may be any, to provide a bright future for your children , help support your family status or elevating & developing self as an individual. Bright side is, in the end you are raising an independent kid.
  2. A Reliable care giver – If you live in a joint family with your in laws and parents around then you are sorted, but its a real problem in nuclear family. If you are a nuclear family then its important to figure out a reliable care giver, A nanny who can take care of your child in your absence. There are a lot of professional agencies these days , Where security is not a big problem and they provide trained professionals. You can opt for someone living with you or some one who comes for 12 hrs.
  3. A creche’ – If you are unable to find one suitable & trustworthy care taker at home then creche is answer to your problem. There are many state of the art creches/day care, who provide all the amenities that will keep your child safe & entertained. There will be some challenges like kids catching infection frequently, but that will happen when ever your kid will start going out, be it creche a play school or school for that matter. Its better they get use to it from an early age.
  4. CCTV Cameras – It has been a blessing for me. I have got CCTV cameras installed in all rooms of my house and i can see my son live on my phone on my laptops. It ensures his safety and i get to see my curly cuddly running around & playing around the house 🙂 You can login from any part of the world all you need is a data connectivity or Wifi. Also keep calling time to time checking one your kid.
  5. Support from work – It is very important to get some kind of flexibility & support from your work place. I have some credibility after working for so many years and with my past performances my employer has been kind to be flexible with me. All employers need to understand a woman has many roles to play in her life so be vocal with you employer to be flexible with you and figure out a working model where neither you nor them are affected.
  6. Spend quality time with your child –  Above i have stated the logistics of making arrangements to keep your baby safe while you are at work. Now lets talk about making time for your baby.You need to design your day in such a way that you get to spend quality time with your kid so you don’t go on to the guilt ride. And honestly i wont be able to do this if i don’t have support from work. I prefer going late & coming late rather hustling in the morning & come tired home & not spending quality time with your child. So mornings are for him. I wake up anytime between 7-7:30 am. so an hr work out, or go for runs or just do stretches at home with or without my son. From 8:30 to 10:30 I give uninterrupted time to my son. We indulge into various activities , eat breakfast together, i make sure to feed him breakfast because then for other meals i am not around. I oil his hair, brush his teeth, do these little things , bath him and then in half hr get ready and leave for work. During evening i am back by 8-8:30 pm and then literally bath in 5 mins and then dinner in 5 mins and its time for his Nanny to go. From 9 to 10:30 – 11 pm is our time again. our routine is, some active play, then reading a book and sleep.
  7. Create an activity/meal, chart– Make a chart for full week during weekends about his meals( breakie, lunch, evening snack, dinner, milk & quantity), medicines (if any). Time table for the whole day mentioning meals, nap time, play time etc.Or if you are sending your kids to a creche make notes in a book and hand it over to the concerned person there.
  8. Organise yourself – Make sure to pack yours & your kids bags a previous night.Purses, work bags, baby bags/school bags.  Remove what to wear in the night for next day both for you & your kid. When you are at work, try & work smarter, without wasting time, not telling you to interact with your peers ( its one of the most important thing to be a successful manager) But casual internet surfing gossiping & long lunches etc eats time. You rather utilise that time and work efficiently and wind up on time for the day to go back to your baby.
  9. Me time – Most importantly do not forget to focus on the golden Me time hr. Remove that one hr every day where you only focus on your self. It could be reading, running, working out, listening to music, painting or perhaps watch your favourite show. Remember you can’t serve your family if you will be irritated, frustrated. So make sure to rejuvenate your self everyday to get clarity of thoughts which will help you function better.
  10. Delegate responsibility to your spouse – Don’t try to take everything on you, Delegate some responsibility to your spouse, eg: if you are getting late at work or have a work travel coming up, communicate with your husband to be around when you are not. Let your husband take care of your child when he wakes up during the night or early morning, so you catch on some sleep.

Hope you found this read helpful, Would love to know your thoughts in comments below.







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A working mom & a Fitness junkie who is trying to help shape the new age of parenting. Making motherhood beautified & simplified, through contemporary approach. Fashion designer by profession, health enthusiast & an avid traveller


    1. Ya, with work commitments & raising these little ones, it s challenging indeed. However, if you find what works for you & are able to strike a balance, you will be able to enjoy best of both worlds.


  1. Thanks for the insight.. Much much helpful.. I work in a private concern and I had to log 9hours a day and it was difficult for me to concentrate at work since I had to leave my almost 12 months old baby at home.. Though my mom is there to take care, I always have this guilt and also fear that he should stay safe..!! This post gives me a relief to handle the pressure and to let go off the guilt.. Thanks Sakshi.. ❤️❤️


    1. Glad you found this helpful. If you have your mom around you don’t need to worry at all. And Here in India we have domestic help. Imagine moms around the world manage their work, home , kids. Its all about being organised. And i agree to the guilt bit. we too have every day tear drama but life goes on 🙂


  2. Great article! I wish to add one more point , if you are determined to work after baby then prepare yourself from the very beginning. I did everything thing for 7 months and did not delegate anything no maids no nannies no family as a result my baby got just attached to me only. When I joined work, a lawyer by profession, my baby refused to stay with nanny, cried whole day, gave up eating and literally became unmanageable. This started affecting not only my job but also my husband’s. I have decided to give up work and spend time with my son, not that I have any regrets but if you plan to continue get in the right frame of mind and ‘delegate’!


  3. Nice… But the issue with me is that I live in nuclear family. I did appoint a nanny but my 7month old refuses to be with her and howls if she does not see me around. Luckily, I work in my family business and do not have any pressure of joining work early. But since I have never sat at home, it becomes quite frustrating to sit at home. I get mixed reviews from ppl. – some say when babies grow they don’t need moms around much. So u can go back to work. And some say when they grow they become more aware about their mothers presence and want them all the time. I am so confused. Presently I take my baby along with me twice a week to work so she gets used to my office. But it seems like a task. She gets super cranky there and wants to get back to home. I would love to know how u trained ur baby to be wid nanny ? And is it true that when they grow, its more easier to leave them behind wid nanny ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI!vAnchal, You have very valid questions. It is absolutely OK to leave your kids when you go to work, it does not affect their upbringing, you have to set rules & have to be very vigilant on them. You have to train your Nanny. and sooner you leave your kid better for both of you,its true kids become more aware when they grow.If i walk out of the house in front of him he cry’s for me. So i just scoot & he is fine. I am Very proud to raise my son, as an independent yet a loving child. I see no alarming signs in his development. In fact if you leave them they become so independent which will help them in their later life. So i always had lot of people around me when he was born until 3 months. And then i kept a Nanny so he gets used to her. Many nanny’s changed after her. Do not make a mistake of taking him to work , it doesn’t help, like you rightly said they will be very cranky & uncomfortable. They rather be at home with the Nanny, playing, sleeping, eating on time. T
      You should start going to work leaving her behind may be half days & slowly full time ,that’s what i did.
      Hope this helps. Love!


  4. Lovely read Sakshi! Being a mommy to almost 1.5 yr old son and having started working full time when he was 2.5 month old, I completely agree with you. These are the things I actually do to keep me going. There are moments when things are hard but we keep on going. As someone said, Key is not to prioritize whats on your schedule but to schedule your priorities:)
    Good Luck for future write ups!


  5. This was so helpful Sakshi! I’m already feeling the jitters of starting work and leaving my 2 year old daughter home. For the past two years she has been only with me. But like you said, I think not feeling guilty about it is the key. Love your blog❤️


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