Travelling with a toddler: Checklist & tips

I have been an avid traveller, 3 passports down, 15 countries & counting…. And in my view my travel is never going to stop as i feel one learns, grow, more with each travel. meeting different people in different countries & experiencing a variety of culture makes you more versatile. And i don’t think my travel life is going to change after having my baby, in fact it will be more fun with my little one. Excited to explore new countries with him 🙂
We got his passport made when he was 5 months old. And now he is one year old and we are off for our first family vacation to Singapore. Its not my first flight experience with him, we have flown within the country many times. But this one is our First long flight.
Travelling with a baby can be fun or the complete disaster if you don’t plan well.
So here is a quick checklist to what to pack for your baby –
  1. Clothes – 2 pair for the day & one for the night should be ideal.
  2. Shoes or booties – Carry not more then 2 pair of shoes or booties.
  3. socks – carry these in plastic or fabric folders as you don’t want to waste time looking for those tiny socks in the suitcase. you will get these in any super market.
  4. Bibs, Napkins – carry as many washable bibs & napkins you can, considering you don’t want to sit and wash them everyday during your holiday.
  5. Bottles & Sippy cups – keep some extra just in case if you don’t f nd a steriliser everywhere.
  6. Formula – stock up on formula depending on no. of days of your travel.
  7. Ready to eat baby food – lots of options are available in the market.
  8. Baby utensils, like bowl, plate, spoon. 2 each should be good.
  9. A good stock of diapers – Half your cabin bag will be full of them 🙂
  10. Diaper rash creme , wipes – carry according to no. of days you are out for.
  11. Baby toiletries like baby bath, shampoo, creme, lotion.
  12. Baby detergent – i will be carrying a small bottle of Johnson’s baby liquid detergent to wash bibs and if required some clothes.  It works great on stains.
  13. Medication – Very important to carry all baby medication, make sure you carry basic medication prescribed by your paediatrician for, cold, cough , flu, vomiting, loose motions , colic etc.
  14. Baby comb & hair brush.
  15. Baby nail scissors, to cut their nails as their nails grow too fast. I have to cut my sons nails in every 3 days.
  16. Baby carrier
  17. A stroller
  18. Some toys, books, colouring books that your baby loves to keep him entertained.
  19. Blankets – carry at-least 2.
  20. Carry some plastic bags as you may need to dump unwashed, used clothes or diapers on the go.
On the flight in the cabin bag –
  1. Diapers, diaper rash creme, wipes.
  2. Formula , Flask for hot water, & bottles or sippy cups
  3. 2 pair of clothes for baby & one for you, just in case of a diaper leaks, happened with me once, You don’t want to start your vacation with poop on your clothes 🙂
  4. Medicines – carry medication for vomiting & loose motions on the flight.
  5. toys, books, to keep baby entertained on the flight.
  6. Cotton to put in your baby’s ears to protect their ear drum from air pressure.
  7. Blanket.
  8. Hand sanitiser.
If you are heading to a Beach destination or a sunny place.
  1. Swimming trunks, float, cap, goggles,
  2. Sun block
  3. Cap or a hat to protect your baby from sun.
  4. Tea tree oil, apparently it helps with any insects stings. Sentosa island where we are headed to has red ants on the beach & someone suggested this really works. Its rarely available in India, but very commonly available abroad so you can check at pharmacies like boots internationally.
  5. Water toys.
  1. Start preparing to pack well in advance, so you don’t forget anything.& keep a checklist on the table around where you are packing. Go over it again just so you don’t miss out on anything.
  2. Travel smart & light, pre plan your’s & your baby’s outfits from now to save time.
  3. carry lots of plastic bags to trash diapers on the go.
  4. Pack all the baby syrup individually as they may spill & then pack in a bigger plastic so nothing leaks in your suitcase.
  5. Make sure your diaper bag has water proof lining. I prefer a cross body diaper bag.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT- Take number of your baby health care provider to connect in emergency.
  7. As suggested above, do carry one extra pair of clothes for you on the flight as they may be leaky diapers & spit ups on the plane.
Happy vacay 🙂