World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. I so stand by this quote. I have been an avid traveller, 15 countries and counting….Recently explored another chapter that’s called Singapore. And it was indeed very special being first with my son.


Me and my husband love exploring Europe and we always do one country at a time. So Singapore was not on the cards, but once you have a baby Dimensions and perspective change and only country that came to our mind was Singapore. We were looking for a destination around India to avoid long haul flights. It took us only 4 hrs to land in this beautiful City of gardens.

Travelling with a toddler: Checklist & tips

And here is why? Take a look at Singapore through my eyes and find out what to do with kids.

1.  Singapore zoo – Walk on the wild side with award winning wildlife park where animals roam freely in their natural Habitat. This wild life park is spread over a 26 hectare with 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, which provides an excellent wildlife experience which your little one is sure to enjoy.  From White Tigers, pygmy hippos, and even naked mole rats to African cats and giraffes,they have it all, Which is sure to excite your little one. To be honest,i have never seen my son so excited. He was pointing out all the animals with his finger and was expressing is excitement was blabbering and jumping. Our favourite watch was orangutan, White tiger, different species of hippos , polar bear . They also have a dinosaurs land, where they have created different species of dummy Dinos which is great to educate our kids about. There are quick snack & gift stores all around the park. For adults , there is something called Breakfast with orangutans, Quite adventurous right! I would have done it, if i was travelling without my son.

TIP – Don’t forget to get a Map, to guide your way through this huge park with 11 zones depicting wild life from different countries. 


2. River safari – Visit River Safari in Singapore for a wildlife experience themed around the world’s freshwater rivers. From the Yangtze to the Mississippi, From Ganges to Nile river to encounter animals of all types, including the beloved Giant panda, Which was truly the highlight of our visit to river Safari. It is such a great Learning for kids , about the native animals and plants that are found around the world’s legendary rivers, and take a boat ride on the ‘Amazon River to spot Flamingos, which your little one is sure to enjoy.

Visitors can take a boat ride on the Amazon River Quest, or the River Safari Cruise; walk through the Squirrel Monkey Forest or see the Amazon Flooded Forest in the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium exhibit.

TIP – Buy tickets to zoo and river safari together to get a better deal 🙂


3. S.E.A Aquarium – Immerse yourself underwater at the Sea Aquarium and discover more than 100,000 marine animals, Yes its world largest Sea Aquarium. It is such a pristine feeling and such a sense of peace to see these gorgeous underwater creatures and makes you wonder what will underwater life be. My son was amazed to see such creatures and kept pointing out at the fishes. From little  to big, from pretty to fierce, you will witness every possible specie of underwater here.  You can also enjoy Dinning with beautiful views of these swimming creatures at the ocean restaurant by Cat Cora.


4. Universal Studios – Step into the glorious world of movies at this world-class theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa with enticing selection of attractions, rides and entertainment for families and thrill seekers. with Live entertainments , rides and many other attractions, your kid is going to have a busy day. However kids below 3 years of age have very limited things to do. But i am lucky, my son is a happy go lucky and enjoys his surroundings. So it was a lovely family day out!

TIP – You can do Sea Aquarium and Universal studios in one day. Make sure to get priority pass to cover everything in Universal Studios. 

5. Sentosa Beach – With Azure waters , sun & sand this beach is perfect for a family with small restaurants and pubs around. The pubs are all open air and are absolutely kid friendly. Watch your little one enjoy making a sand castle and his little foot prints as he takes a walk along the beach with you. Watch relaxing sun set as you sip on a cocktail while your little one is busy playing with sand. There is also  a kidzania at Sentosa beach.

Tip – someone told me there are red ants on Sentosa, and tea tree oil works perfect on stings. We didn’t find any ants there though. If you want to do Aquarium, Universal ,beach and other attractions at Sentosa , its ideal to stay there for 2 days, as its a little away from the city. They have lovely resorts around. 

6. Flower dome – Gardens by the bay – Its definitely No. 1 attraction in Singapore and a must visit for all age. My First reaction when i steeped in was Wow! Where am i !?! Is this a dream, Every thing is so beautiful. Step into an air conditioned flower dome  which replicates dry cold climate of Mediterranean region like Italy, Spain where every nook is covered with beautiful flowers possible, which gives a feeling of perpetual spring.  And a perfect place to take uncountable snaps and is every Instagramers paradise 🙂 Flower Dome is sure to amaze you and your little one.



7. Cloud Forest Gardens by the bay -If you are excited after reading about flower dome,  Brace yourself to know about Cloud forest. A mysterious world veiled in fog, features a 35 meters tall Mountain covered in lush vegetation, shouldering world’s tallest indoor water fall. A lift takes you to the top level and then you explore and learn as you walk your way down. There is a lift at every level.  My son had so much fun exploring with us. very kid friendly place, there is a lot of space for kids to run around as well.

TIP – Carry a scarf or a light jacket as it get a bit chilly inside – Temp –  23°C – 25°C


8. Super tree Groove and OCBC sky walk – Make a trip to the top of one of these iconic Super trees and be awed by splendid views of the Gardens and the surrounding Marina Bay area. Or, stroll along the 22-metre-high OCBC skywalk, a 128-metre aerial walkway that connects two of the Super trees, and see the Gardens from a different point of view. Its a must visit to witness these iconic & never seen before structure and don’t forget to capture those wonderful moments at Super tree with your family as they make a Prefect  background 🙂

Tip – you can do gardens by the bay in one day, Flower dome, cloud forest and super tree. 


9. Merlion Park – When someone says Singapore, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes  ! That national icon, the mythical Merlion with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, throwing water from his mouth. Its a must visit  to this tourist attraction with lovely views of marina bay sands and the bay, & restaurants and pubs around. This place bustling with energy is a must visit where you can capture some fun moments with your kids perhaps with the water thrown by the Merlion 🙂  Its around the Fullerton Hotel also known as Fullerton square.


10. Marina Bay Sands – Last but not the least, and definitely the highlight of our trip.The famous marina bay sands which is known world wide for its ultra luxury  & Hospitality. and yes the infinity pool at the 35th pool with cities breath taking views is definitely a highlight. Whats amazing , and to my surprise this hotel being so busy and bustling with guests from around the world offers great amenities and features for kids in the hotel. we spent one day only chilling at the pool and little H enjoyed every bit of it.Be sure to be spoiled in luxury at Marina bay sands hotel and your kids will feel at home 🙂



Other fun places to visit – Bird park, Singapore flyer, Art science Museum, Singapore botanical Gardens, Night safari,Cable Car and Clarke Quay River Cruise, Chinatown,Adventure Park Zipline.

Stay tuned to read my review on hotels we stayed in Singapore.

Hope this helps you 🙂

Much Love