Busting 5 Diaper Myths Every Mom Should Know!

New Pampers Dry pants with Triple absorption technology


Diapering is an integral aspect of any parenting journey and is something moms are always skeptical about, wondering if they are doing the right things. However, a raging debate which has plagued mothers for decades is the one between using a cloth and a diaper. Traditional mothers will vouch any day for cloth over diapers, bringing up concerns like diapers cause rashes and are not comfortable for the children. Which is, however, not quite true!


Diapers are crucial for infants to move around comfortably and not make a mess out of them every time. There are a lot of misconceptions around the use of diapers and it is integral to understand their benefits. For me, the deciding factor for a diaper is its absorption power. My experience the Pampers Dry Pants have been pretty nice, considering that I have noticed my baby sleeping better at night.


What’s awesome about these diapers is the fact that they come with Three Extra Absorbing Channels, which helps in making sure that the baby stays light and dry throughout the day and even overnight by:

  • Absorbing 3 Times Faster; and
  • Evenly distributing baby’s pee
Absorbs faster, Has magic gel, flexible belt, in built baby lotion

There is a lot of debate around finding the right diaper and around their utility. Many also debate the effectiveness and safety of disposable diapers versus cloth ones. So, let’s go bust some myths surrounding the diaper world and take a look at some truths about diapers!


  1. Diapers like Pampers Dry Pants have lock in liquid technology hence prevents from leakage which is not the case in cloth. Diapers are meant to be used for long hours – they are crafted in a way to make them easy on the child’s skin, breathable and also has good absorbent ingredients to prevent them from getting soiled – also preventing the baby from feeling wet and cold.
  2. Diapers are more skin-friendly than cloth since cloth is usually reused. Diapers don’t cause skin rashes unless you use them for too long and they get soiled. Skin rashes are caused by the increase in pH levels of the skin which happens due to the dampness from urine. The new Pampers Dry Pants not only comes with higher absorption power but they also contain a moisturizing lotion which prevents the chances of having rashes. It neutralizes the pH levels of the skin and also keep sit soft.
  3. Sleep is an important aspect to consider while debating between cloth and disposable diapers like the Pampers Pants. Cloth diapers get wet more easily and it will keep waking your baby from the dampness. Disposable diapers, especially pant-style ones are have good space for movement and also absorb better – helping them sleep better. Undisturbed sleep, especially at night, is extremely important for the infant to develop both mentally and physically at optimal levels.
  4. Thin diapers are highly effective and absorbs better, it’s the absorbing technology which has got nothing to do with the thickness of a diaper. They are more comfortable for infants than cloth or even the thicker diapers as they let the child move around more easily and is gentler on your baby’s treasures.
  5. Pant style diapers are actually more comfortable – if you think the elastic would hurt your child, it won’t. Pant style diapers are developed to have infant skin-friendly elastic. In fact, Velcro diapers can get slightly uncomfortable as there is a slight chance of the velcro coming off while the child moves around.
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My toddler being playful & less cranky with Pampers dry pants

While purchasing a diaper, getting the right brand can make all the difference. I have always been a Pampers Mom – their diapers are easy and soft on the skin, and lasts pretty long. Recently, I started using the next generation Pampers Dry Pants whose absorbing power has me pretty impressed.


As a mother, I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it for any mom too. It keeps my toddler dry, happy & playful for a longer time and with the triple absorption technology, I don’t end up changing his diaper that often which turns out to be more economical.


So, go get your baby a Pampers Dry Pants today!

Much Love!