A new discovery of comfort & fun for little H….PAMPERS!

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New discovery for my little H’s comfort – 3x Chanel technology by pampers

One of the biggest challenges in parenting is baby care amongst many that a new mom faces. And the most common one is the diapering woe. A baby’s skin is 10 times softer than adults, so it’s important to choose the right kind of diaper which leaves them rash free and comfortable.   When it comes to diapering, I have always been a Pampers mom. And we are still going strong with it. And just recently I was introduced to – World’s first 3x Chanel technology that was launched by Pampers. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to try it. Who wouldn’t want extra comfort for their baby right?!

I have been using the New Pamper diaper for the past one week and this is what I found. We recently went for a Stay-cation. Last minute plans and packing. I packed the diaper I was using earlier and the new Pamper dry pants as it was on trial. I got little H showered & got him in the new pamper diapers. My first reaction to the diaper after my baby wore it- “WOW THIS IS SO LIGHT, I AM SURE LITTLE H WILL BE COMFORTABLE IN IT”. We took an hour and a half to reach our hotel. We checked in and went to the room.


Since this was a short stay only for 2 days we wanted to explore and make the most of it without wasting any time. But before we left the hotel room, I wanted to check on his diaper quickly, I usually smell his bum to check if he pooped. which was not the case. And his diaper was not at all bulky. So, I didn’t change him. 

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We got down from the room, and little H was running around and super playful and excited. We sat for lunch, fed him and had a lovely lunch by the pool.  It was 3 pm by the time we got done with lunch. And my observation was, little H was very comfortable, happy and light. No saggy, bulky diaper. No pulling on diaper because of irritable skin. At around 4 pm I checked his diaper, again to check if he pooped, this time he pooped, and that’s when I changed his diaper and found he didn’t have any red marks in his inner thigh.

So, from morning 8 am to 4 pm, 8 hrs this diaper was going strong as it absorbs faster with its 3 absorbing channels which evenly distributes the pee.

I am very sure if he hadn’t poop the diaper would have stayed on for longer. We went for a swim followed by dinner & called it a day. 


Back in our room, I spent some time with him in the bath tub changed him in his night dress with new pamper baby dry pants on, at around 8 pm. We spent some time reading and finally little H slept off at 10 pm. I usually changed his diaper before he sleeps but with this great performing new Pamper Baby Dry Pants, I was quite confident in less than 24 hrs 🙂 And to my amazement Little H slept through the night. On normal days he cries and wakes u sometimes, because the diaper becomes bulky because the pee collects at one specific place.  This diaper is indeed a revolution as it did not sag from any area.

This was my experience of day 1 of using these Pampers Baby Dry Pants, I have been using it for a week now and would like to conclude by saying if my son didn’t poop, I am sure this diaper would have worked longer with its triple absorption. I found little H was more comfortable, walking straight, was not pulling his diapers, & No Rashes or red marks around the inner thigh.

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My happy & dry toddler

To summarize my experience with New Pamper Baby Dry Pants – 

  1. Three absorbing channels  indeed absorb fast & distribute pee evenly, which resulted in No sagging of the diaper – And i was elated to see my happy & dry baby.


  1. Magic gel did absorb faster than the diaper of another brand & kept the diaper dry even from inside, though I used it on my baby for almost the entire day. 


  1. It’s breathable soft belt & cuffs keeps the baby’s skin soft & fresh and well thank god! Looks like Rashes will never be a problem again for my baby


  1. The flexible waistband comfortably fit his waist and didn’t get loose. It stayed intact all through the day, which is another plus for me!  


So, moms say goodbye to those uncomfortable diapers and say Hello! to Pampers Baby Dry Pant. Try it and share your experience with me. 

Much love