koco kids…Imagine, discover,learn!


Biggest challenge for a working mom is to leave her kid behind in a trustworthy happy & nurturing atmosphere ensuring his wellbeing & providing a learning environment. Physically at work but mind & heart stays at home wondering what her kid must be upto. Has he eaten, is he safe, is he happy & playful ? is what all working moms think all day as a result, lower efficiency at work! In India most managerial and high position jobs are acquired by men, wonder why? After becoming moms most women give up on their careers or often stuck in the guilt of leaving her kids behind as we lack day cares & play schools that focuses on early learning which helps in improved cognitive & social skills.

So good news for all working moms in Mumbai! Recently I came across one such institute, Koco Kids. Its a play school, day care & an early learning centre for kids. The founders are academic enthusiasts . After successfully completing 15 years – Shri Balaji International School Trust(SBIS) (ICSE, Malad( west),  they decided to foray further into the field of education across locations to provide quality early education to little children. And to encourage more women to go pursue their dreams Koco kids – imagine, discover, learn came to birth. They are currently at Santa Cruz, Mumbai

Idea behind koco kids – Koco Kids aims to be the principal mean of expression, problem-solving and developing social skills. It recognizes the value of providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. The curriculum is based on children’s intellectual, social, physical needs and is designed to encourage child-initiated learning activities and preparing them for later academic success.

The focus is to provide  a loving and enriching atmosphere to help your child achieve their maximum potential. At Koco Kids, you will discover tailored programs that have been thoughtfully designed for your child’s precious early years. Encouraging children to discover through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, they help to develop a love for learning. The preschool is headed by a veteran educator with over 40 years of experience with some of the most prestigious schools in the industry, an expert in child psychology and early learning.

Not just for working moms but even for stay home moms its important to go the Montessori way of early learning. And the benefit of a pre-school or an early learning centre over home Montessori is kids develop social skills and pick things faster with other fellow kids around. 


Infrastructure – The interiors, colour scheme and layout of the space have a complete focus on development and psychology of the child so that their surroundings are full of learning opportunities. The classrooms are not your regular, fixed classrooms where a child spends his entire day.  Rather than a traditional approach of student staying in the same classroom, they are encouraging the dynamic behaviour of kids. And so, the student moves from one class to another every half an hour. The classrooms are thematic and designed keeping in mind the various skills that the child will get trained in. Considering the safety of kids, all edges are rounded and sharp surfaces are foam padded. All play elements, all toys and play equipment have safe, child friendly, non-toxic paint and all windows are grilled and doors with child-locks to prevent lock-ins while maintaining safety.



The first classroom is on the skill of “Do” and is called Toyland where they have all Montessori apparatus, toys, objects that assist fine motor skills such as buttoning boards, beading, threads etc. The walls are lined with play panels and construction blocks of various kinds from wood to magnet to Lego. The flooring also has a small area in blackboard material where children are encouraged to lie down and draw, scribble and do whatever they want giving them freedom for creative expression at the same time sticking to rules that they cannot colour outside the blackboard area. They have desks and chairs lined against the walls in case some kids are more comfortable sitting on them. Everything in this room is about developing fine motor skills which later turn out to be pre-writing skill. All equipments in this room not only educate kids about shapes and colours but will also strengthen their palm muscles and motor skills. They also have a dressing corner, with a wardrobe and different costumes.



The second classroom is called “the Rainbow room” and focuses on “See” skill. Here they focus on art and reading. Their reading nook has a whole wall of open displayed books for children to pick and choose. The seating has comfortable on the floor with cushions and a comfy rug to ensure correct ergonomic posture while reading & appropriate lighting. The art room has easels all over attached to the wall, bringing out the artists in a child. Children can paint and wipe off directly from easel or attach papers as well. The walls have a bevy of rainbow colours and a fabricated rainbow in the room to illustrate the theme.


The third classroom is called “La la land “which is all about music , dance and drama. Here they have a music wall filled with daily objects that can be used to create music enhancing child’s creativity. This is an open space that can be used for singing, for dancing, theatre etc. This is little H’s favourite corner there. He has a special love for music since he was a baby and I am glad that the institute have thought of encouraging such interests in kids. Who know I may be having a Justin Bieber in making 🙂


The fourth classroom is called “the gym”. This is a state of the art play gym that spans across 1000 sq ft and has extremely specialised children’s equipment that is designed to boost physical fitness and hone larger motor skills. In a world of increasingly unhealthy childhood habits, this room incorporates fitness in a super fun way that Every child will love.



The last classroom is a beautiful outdoor haven laden with developmental elements and is called ” The Enchanted Woods” . Surrounded by lush green on all four sides and a soothing turf carpet that is hygienic and bruise free. This area forms a safe and serene green haven in a city that is starved for such spaces. The outdoor area is equipped with a sand table and a water table . These tables have specialised play equipments that hone motor skills , reasoning and cognitive skills while soaking in the outdoor sun . The table concept does not require a child to enter the sand or water and yet allows him to derive all the benefits of outdoor play in a hygienic and secure environment . There is also a tree house where little ones can cozy up for a play or some fun reads. , ride on cars and plenty of free space to run , play and weave a million imaginary stories .

The premises have full CCTV camera coverage. It is a one of its kind preschool that ensures not just complete safety and development of a child but also does not compromise on quality for your child just like their own homes.

  • This state of the art centre open admissions from 6 months of age.
  •  Provides nurturing atmosphere from small babies , toddlers to active kids,
  • Ensuring their nap & meal times as per schedule.
  • And when it comes to hygiene I give them 10/10.
  • They provide meals for kids from 18 months and above.
  • The play area is open to outside kids on a daily fee basis post 4 pm on weekdays & all day on the weekends when the playschool/Day care is shut.
  • Daily report of the kids is shared with the parents on pick up.

So moms go enrol your little wonders to this wonderland of early learning.



Much love