5 ways to get your kids to eat FRUITS


Does your kid turns his face at the sight of an Apple ? What if i say , There is Hope!

Most parents, especially moms are obsessed with their kids eating habits wanting to ensure they eat a balanced diet to get all the important nutrients which helps in their development & growth especially in the initial years.

Fruits is such an important part of Nutrition, its full of all the important vitamins & minerals that’s needed for a child’s growth.

While good nutrition includes both fruit and vegetables, it’s nice to know that picky eaters can get comparable nutrition from just fruit. In other words, fruit boasts more than just vitamin C; it is loaded with all the same nutrients as vegetables.

Fortunately, most kids love fruits, at least in the beginning. A child’s innate sweet tooth makes fruit more appealing then vegetables.  But, we have some fussy ones, who raise there brows on fruits. So below is how you can make them to like fruits –

  1. Eat together -“Monkey see monkey do” is what most kids follow. eat a fruit everyday at a specific time in front of your kid. this will pique their interest of what mama papa are eating and will begin to explore, try & eventually start eating. I have a habit of eating a fruit in the morning since many years, and my son has been observing me  and started eating & loving fruits, He also observe his father eating an uncut apple, he does the same & finishes it right from when he was 13 months. And the funny part is he cries if we cut an apple, he thinks apples are suppose to be ONLY eaten uncut. Kids…..!! 🙂
  2. Let them pick their own fruits – Take your kids out to a super market, Preferably from a very early age like 5 months. That really helps kids to understand different objects, fruits, vegetables. And as they grow, they get so familiar with the fruits & vegetables & they are no longer scared to try them. Let them pick their own fruits. Having them participate gets them excited to try it.
  3. Keep it in sight : Most of us buy fresh fruits & keep it away in the fridge. If you want your kids to have fruits daily & want to make it a norm, put them out in a bowl on a table may be in the living room where its easily visible. Prepped right in their face so its easily visible & the inquisitive nature of kids, will surely push them to try it.IMG_2147 (1)
  4. Be creative – Try making fun objects using fruits like different shapes of animals, flowers , etc. This will definitely catch their attention and they are sure to try it. This is also a good way of feeding them a variety of fruits to get all the important nutrients. Half a mango, for instance, is rich in vitamin A, Orange, is rich in Vitamin C, and Banana is an excellent source of potassium.
    Fruits used – Orange , Green apple, banana. 

    Fruits used – Green apple , banana , strawberries.
  5. Make Fun, no-cook food with fruits – If your kid is absolutely fussy then this may work for you. sneak in fruits eg: Try frozen fresh fruit pulps that comes in cans, or you make one at home, Try fruit Popsicle, make smoothies, blend in some fruits with Greek yogurt to make a rich & healthy smoothie.

    Picture courtesy – Beachbodyondemand.com 

Remember to keep trying. You may need to present a new fruit 10 times or more before they’ll accept it. Don’t give up!

Good luck Moms!

Would love to know progress after you try these tips.

Much love