10 ways how to deal with cranky toddler this wedding season.

Pacifying my cranky toddler

It was my cousins wedding that we attended recently in Rajasthan. It was a long over due & much awaited event, my cousin sister’s wedding plus was my first visit after I got married & off course first with my son. I was overwhelmed with emotions to meet my extended Family after so long. And to visit my birth place with my husband & my son. Was soaked in the excitement preparing for the wedding be it our outfits & gifts for everyone.

It was the day to finally fly down to the destination & I was elated beyond words, Flight was great, little H being a charmer was giving flying kisses to every one during the journey & I could not wait for him to meet my whole family & how every one will go gaga over his cuteness only until I discovered it was completely opposite of what I expected!!! We finally reached & every one was dancing & enjoying and the moment my car stopped, every one rushed to receive us & BAAM! There…. I had a howling baby who just didn’t wanted to go to anybody. I thought it was momentary & He must be having stranger anxiety (which usually never happens) he will be fine next day. But NOPE! He was like this all 3 days. It was a combination of new place, people…a lot of people & loud music.

I didn’t go prepared for this at all & was quite a bummer. So have listed some dos & don’t & how to sooth your cranky baby who is irritable with loudness.

  1. Do not force your kid to go to others against his will – We often make a mistake of forcing our kids to go to others, as we want them to mingle with our family but by going against the baby’s will you are doing no good. In fact this will end up making the situation  worse & have an extremely irritable baby.
  2. Give your kid the attention he needs  – A cranky baby will always look for the parent mostly moms to feel secure in a new environment. So give them that. I danced with my son in my arms. A mom does what she gotta do!! 🙂
  3. Keep taking breaks from the crowd & the loud music – Take your kid out for a stroll away from the noise & crowd every 20 mins. Study the behaviour, if she is uneasy & cranky step out immediately. This way you can enjoy & the baby can also be at ease.
  4. Use cotton plugs to protect your kid from loud music – The inner ear (cochlea) contains tiny cells that are sensitive to sound (hair cells). These cells convert the vibration of sound into messages to the brain. After long exposure to very loud noise, physical changes occur to several parts of the inner ear, including the hair cells. Hence its best to use Cotton plugs to protect your baby’s sensitive ear drums, when exposed to loud music.
  5. Make eye contact to pacify your cranky child & try to sooth him with familiar expressions & vocals. Not to forget those cuddly hugs & kisses works the best.
  6. Feed the kid before you step out to attend any function. Make sure your kid is well fed as you don’t want to deal with a hungry & irritable baby later when you want to enjoy the functions. Always get your kid sorted first before you dress up.
  7. Keep the milk bottles/ sipper handy & if your kid loves sweet go for it, it immediately soothes & calms them. There’s a reason some of us crave gooey desserts when we’re feeling low: They’re rooted in happy associations.
  8. Let you & your partner take turns – I know its a bummer as you want to enjoy together with the family but its OK. Remember you are doing this for your child.
  9.  Ask your family members for help –  If your kid goes to them then you are sorted but if not wait till your kid falls a sleep & some family member can baby sit the baby and you & your partner can enjoy together with the whole family. People should take turns.
  10. Try stay out of your baby’s sight if he is recovered from the crying session – It often happens when they see moms they want to come to them, So if you see or know your child is finally happy & not cranky let him be & enjoy 🙂

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I studied my son’s behaviour , he was absolutely OK once he was back in the room with minimal people around & no loud sound. Hence i concluded that it was the loudness & crowded space that bothered him.

Hope you find this read helpful!

Much Love


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only time when i danced, while my toddler was fast asleep.