Lodha luxuria priva…a home for millennial lifestyle!

Pool at the lodha luxuria priva. Image courtesy lodha group


Recently, I was invited to attend an event at Lodha Luxuria Priva, a state-of-the-art residential project equipped with all the amenities for a millennial lifestyle situated in Thane West, Mumbai. Being close to the Eastern Express Highway makes the property easily accessible.

It’s an awe-inspiring development that provides an unmatched experience with the finest amenities for an evolved lifestyle one can only dream of. A state-of-the-art recreational centre specially designed with the vision of healthy living for its residents. It also boasts of a magnificent swimming pool as well as lawns where kids can play and adults can perform yoga. We also got a chance to visit the sprawling 10,000 sq ft, Club Priva that also hosts Furtados School of Music and Sandip Soparrkar’s Dance School.

Club house at lodha luxuria priva. image courtesy , lodha group

What’s more, Lodha group has also formed an exclusive alliance with Evander Holyfield Gym and the lovely Ramona Braganza, making her patented 3-2-1 Fitness Program available to all residents of Lodha Luxuria Priva, along with a full sized boxing ring that aims to bring out the champion in you.

Hollywood’s leading celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza is the lady behind the fit bodies of acclaimed stars like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Tom Welling, Dominic Cooper and Anne Hathaway to name a few. Voted as Vogues’ fitness expert of the year, she will personally train the health experts at Luxuria Priva, ensuring every resident gets to achieve their health goals!

At the event, it was lovely to meet Ramona and to know her views on fitness and her 3-2-1 Fitness Program, aimed at burning fat, increasing stamina & managing stress. I got an opportunity to have an exclusive Q/A session with her and get my personal questions answered. It was a serious deal for me to spend some time with her, talking fitness, health & lifestyle as I am a fitness enthusiast myself. Here are some Q/As from my session with her which will benefit you guys:


Q– Her views on this collaboration with Lodha Luxuria Priva?

A– She is extremely thrilled to be associated with such an esteemed group creating thoughtful & luxurious spaces. What really got her kicked about this collaboration is the emphasis on fitness by Lodha Luxuria Priva for their residents.


Q– Everyday fitness routines for working people who are usually pressed for time?

A– Fitness needs to be part of your lifestyle. Hence it is important to dedicate at least half an hour to it. It could be running or any kind of cardio, strength or circuit training, climbing stairs or even simple exercises like lunges & squats. The fitness centre at Lodha Luxuria Priva is designed keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of the residents, hence a gym within the premises helps save commute time.


Q– How soon should a new mom get back to working out after delivery?

A– Ramona recommends 4 weeks, but also adds that it is best to consult your doctor before you do so.


Q– Top 5 things to consider as a base for a good workout?

A– Cardio, strength training, circuit training, balance training & stretching.


Q– Her take on diet & nutrition?

A– When it comes to weight loss, Ramona believes that eating properly is 50% of the equation but it is never wise to crash diet. Whatever the training, it’s important to compliment it with the right nutrition intake. When you work out, you are burning calories and working on your muscles. One therefore needs to ensure a protein-rich diet along with adequate rest.


Q– Importance of having a trainer?

A– It is extremely important to have a trainer because most people end up doing their exercises with incorrect postures. The trainers at the gym of Lodha Luxuria Priva are trained by Ramona and will make sure that everyone gets the correct training as per their body type & concerns.

In addition to this session, Ramona also showcased some core workouts, ensuring the right postures, which was very informative. Summarizing the whole event, Lodha Group has taken a great initiative towards fitness by building top notch fitness facilities in Lodha Luxuria Priva – a Maha RERA registered project from Lodha Group, Thane. It definitely provides a coveted lifestyle within the Central Suburbs.

Much love