New way of staying fit with saffola active soups.

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Fitness is a combination of exercising and eating right! By eating right, I don’t mean dieting. I honestly don’t believe in those crash diet courses. In fact if you are working out, you need to take in right amount of proteins & nutrients that helps repair the wear & tear of muscles.

A very old & simple saying , Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, & dinner like a pauper. The fact behind this saying is from the time we sleep at night to morning when we wake up ,our body is on an average of 8-12 hrs of fasting, and hence our body needs a good meal to kick start our day. At lunch time, eat a substantial meal to fuel yourself for the afternoon. It should be essentially a medium sized meal. Now the evening time is tricky, that hunger between 5-7 pm , or when you just get back home from work & you are starving, that’s the time most people snack on junk food. Which is the cause of putting on weight. Evening time one should eat light as our activity gradient reduces as the day progresses & body burns only few calories. Having said that, you also want something that fills you up at dinner time. This was the most difficult meal for me to decide on until I got introduced to Saffola active soups. 

New Saffola Active soups are low in calorie with just 2% of the daily calories in 1 bowl . It also has 5x more fibre than any other soup! The Fibre pushes your metabolism, especially during night time when you are not as active as day. another advantage is , you get all the nutrients from vegetables, like vitamin A & C . Saffola Active Soups have the fibre of 1 Roti. Hence you feel full while still manage to stay light! This automatically helps you keep your dinners light. Win win! Fitness goals accomplished 🙂

I remember,  I used to return back from work really hungry & would eat lavish dinners because of long eating gaps, which also slows down your metabolism. Its only when I got into fitness I started to make a conscious effort to eat right but it was always difficult to plan what to eat at that time. These soups are a perfect fit for that evening hunger & are ready in a minute. Glad that we have a healthy way of eating light & delicious dinner which also keeps us full.

Saffola active soups are available in 5 lip smacking flavours

  • Tomato
  • Spicy Manchow
  • Sizzling hot & sour
  • Spicy vegetables
  • Chatpata sweetcorn

Now most people think since its packed, its not healthy. And to them I will just say one thing, not every thing packed is unhealthy. The new Saffola active soups are made of real vegetables & has NO ADDED PRESERVATIVE. Since there are no preservatives its advised to consume immediately once the pack is opened. And is extremely easy to make.

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Empty the content of sachet in the a cup
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Boil & pour 150 ml of water in the mug
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leave it for 1 Minute & enjoy
  1. Empty the content of sachet in the a cup
  2. Boil & pour 150 ml of water in the mug
  3. leave it for 1 Minute & enjoy

In 3 easy steps you get a wholesome pre-dinner snack which will help you keep your dinners light & help you achieve your fitness goals. What I love is, its comes with diced vegetables which gives it a nice texture. Its also extremely convenient to carry on the go. These soups are definitely a healthy & tasty way of staying fit.

So say hello to Saffola active soups & say bye to those lavish dinners.

Let me know your views & experiences in comments below.

Much love