Running…your first step to loose weight!



Its been little over a year now that i have been sharing my postpartum fitness regime on social media. After loosing about 22 kgs postpartum i weigh 55 kgs today which is 3 kgs down my pre-pregnancy weight.I started with mild to brisk walks & eventually running as my first step towards postpartum fitness. Running , definitely has been the game changer here!

Running – Is the most effective way to loose weight among-st many other exercises. countless people have shred weight by running after all its the most effective cardio exercise, live examples are myself  80 kgs to 55 kgs today & my husband from 110 kgs to 85 kgs ( shall share his story soon).

Why running

  1. Burns calories faster – Running is a high intensity exercise that stimulates more “afterburn” than low-intensity exercise. That is, even when comparing running with walking the same distance, studies find that running will lead to greater weight loss, most likely because your resting energy expenditure stays elevated after you run.Since running is faster then walking you burn more calories faster which is time efficient, especially for a person like me who is always on a clock.
  2. works on whole body – Running is aerobic in nature — meaning it challenges your cardiovascular and respiratory system. A good run also counts as weight-bearing activity that improves the health of your bones in your legs and spine. All those miles will build muscle endurance in your legs , it also helps reduce tummy fat, but you need to be do strength training , balancing exercises to work on specific muscles of your body to compliment your workout along with running.
  3. Runners HIGH – Runners who will read this will agree, its a high! Its difficult to stick to a workout routine if you don’t enjoy it. I think i had often put this up in my insta stories as well, that running for me is a state of trance, High which is just so motivating to keep going. Do  you know, studies show many runners have experienced on an anecdotal level which means running can actually get you high. Scientists have found links between moderate to intense exercise and morphine-like brain chemicals called endocannabinoids, which suggest endorphins alone aren’t responsible for the occasional flood of euphoria that rushes over you during a hard run.  Often when me & my husband have an argument, he goes out for a run and comes back home happy 🙂
  4. Its convenient –  all you need is  pair of running shoes & a pair of head phones , & you are set for a run. You can do it alone. You can do it almost anywhere. it’s cheap, it’s accessible, and there are fewer barriers to maintaining a routine, even while traveling.

Few points & tips to bear in mind for beginners –

  1. Go slow – Its very important to begin slow, as your joints, ligaments , muscles are getting used to any form of a workout. There will be some wear & tear of muscle hence its important to start with alternate days. Give some time for your tissues to heal & let your body adapt to the change. You may want to run faster. Resist that urge! It takes weeks for your “structural body” to catch up to your “metabolic body.”
  2. Consistency – Once your body get use to running you should take a long-term approach to running. Commit to running regularly—say every other day—for the next three months & not just next three weeks. it will give you a great deal back in many ways. You’ll see improvements in elements as diverse as self-esteem and attitude to practical benefits like more energy during your workday. but to experience that you have to run daily , and not just one run a week.
  3. Add variation in your running – When you keep running on same speed daily your body get used to it after a point it will stop showing results, hence its important to follow a walk-run-incline-sprint regime. I will share a program soon. Until then keep a variation eg: walk on the speed of 4 km/hr , Run on a spread of 6 km/Hr for half kilometer and then walk on incline of 3 for another half kilometer then sprint/fast run for a kilometer on the speed of 8Km/hr. Try combinations to feel the burn.
  4. Don’t increase your run distance by more then 10 percent a week – By 4 weeks you will be very comfortable running and might happen that you over do by increasing your run distance drastically, This will cause injuries. Hence it is advised to practice 10 percent rule which is a good guideline for sensible running increases.To practice it, simply avoid increasing your total running distance or time by more than 10 percent from one week to the next.
  5. Ensure a healthy diet – Since you will be putting in so much effort in loosing weight its important to compliment it with the right diet to see better results. Ensure to have High quality food like – Proteins , protein intake helps repair wear & tear of the muscles, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils like olive oil, dairy products, whole grains, fish, poultry, unprocessed red meat. Avoid low quality food – quality food such as refined grains ( white rice) , sweets, processed food & fried foods.

Happy Running!

Much love


koco kids…Imagine, discover,learn!


Biggest challenge for a working mom is to leave her kid behind in a trustworthy happy & nurturing atmosphere ensuring his wellbeing & providing a learning environment. Physically at work but mind & heart stays at home wondering what her kid must be upto. Has he eaten, is he safe, is he happy & playful ? is what all working moms think all day as a result, lower efficiency at work! In India most managerial and high position jobs are acquired by men, wonder why? After becoming moms most women give up on their careers or often stuck in the guilt of leaving her kids behind as we lack day cares & play schools that focuses on early learning which helps in improved cognitive & social skills.

So good news for all working moms in Mumbai! Recently I came across one such institute, Koco Kids. Its a play school, day care & an early learning centre for kids. The founders are academic enthusiasts . After successfully completing 15 years – Shri Balaji International School Trust(SBIS) (ICSE, Malad( west),  they decided to foray further into the field of education across locations to provide quality early education to little children. And to encourage more women to go pursue their dreams Koco kids – imagine, discover, learn came to birth. They are currently at Santa Cruz, Mumbai

Idea behind koco kids – Koco Kids aims to be the principal mean of expression, problem-solving and developing social skills. It recognizes the value of providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. The curriculum is based on children’s intellectual, social, physical needs and is designed to encourage child-initiated learning activities and preparing them for later academic success.

The focus is to provide  a loving and enriching atmosphere to help your child achieve their maximum potential. At Koco Kids, you will discover tailored programs that have been thoughtfully designed for your child’s precious early years. Encouraging children to discover through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, they help to develop a love for learning. The preschool is headed by a veteran educator with over 40 years of experience with some of the most prestigious schools in the industry, an expert in child psychology and early learning.

Not just for working moms but even for stay home moms its important to go the Montessori way of early learning. And the benefit of a pre-school or an early learning centre over home Montessori is kids develop social skills and pick things faster with other fellow kids around. 


Infrastructure – The interiors, colour scheme and layout of the space have a complete focus on development and psychology of the child so that their surroundings are full of learning opportunities. The classrooms are not your regular, fixed classrooms where a child spends his entire day.  Rather than a traditional approach of student staying in the same classroom, they are encouraging the dynamic behaviour of kids. And so, the student moves from one class to another every half an hour. The classrooms are thematic and designed keeping in mind the various skills that the child will get trained in. Considering the safety of kids, all edges are rounded and sharp surfaces are foam padded. All play elements, all toys and play equipment have safe, child friendly, non-toxic paint and all windows are grilled and doors with child-locks to prevent lock-ins while maintaining safety.



The first classroom is on the skill of “Do” and is called Toyland where they have all Montessori apparatus, toys, objects that assist fine motor skills such as buttoning boards, beading, threads etc. The walls are lined with play panels and construction blocks of various kinds from wood to magnet to Lego. The flooring also has a small area in blackboard material where children are encouraged to lie down and draw, scribble and do whatever they want giving them freedom for creative expression at the same time sticking to rules that they cannot colour outside the blackboard area. They have desks and chairs lined against the walls in case some kids are more comfortable sitting on them. Everything in this room is about developing fine motor skills which later turn out to be pre-writing skill. All equipments in this room not only educate kids about shapes and colours but will also strengthen their palm muscles and motor skills. They also have a dressing corner, with a wardrobe and different costumes.



The second classroom is called “the Rainbow room” and focuses on “See” skill. Here they focus on art and reading. Their reading nook has a whole wall of open displayed books for children to pick and choose. The seating has comfortable on the floor with cushions and a comfy rug to ensure correct ergonomic posture while reading & appropriate lighting. The art room has easels all over attached to the wall, bringing out the artists in a child. Children can paint and wipe off directly from easel or attach papers as well. The walls have a bevy of rainbow colours and a fabricated rainbow in the room to illustrate the theme.


The third classroom is called “La la land “which is all about music , dance and drama. Here they have a music wall filled with daily objects that can be used to create music enhancing child’s creativity. This is an open space that can be used for singing, for dancing, theatre etc. This is little H’s favourite corner there. He has a special love for music since he was a baby and I am glad that the institute have thought of encouraging such interests in kids. Who know I may be having a Justin Bieber in making 🙂


The fourth classroom is called “the gym”. This is a state of the art play gym that spans across 1000 sq ft and has extremely specialised children’s equipment that is designed to boost physical fitness and hone larger motor skills. In a world of increasingly unhealthy childhood habits, this room incorporates fitness in a super fun way that Every child will love.



The last classroom is a beautiful outdoor haven laden with developmental elements and is called ” The Enchanted Woods” . Surrounded by lush green on all four sides and a soothing turf carpet that is hygienic and bruise free. This area forms a safe and serene green haven in a city that is starved for such spaces. The outdoor area is equipped with a sand table and a water table . These tables have specialised play equipments that hone motor skills , reasoning and cognitive skills while soaking in the outdoor sun . The table concept does not require a child to enter the sand or water and yet allows him to derive all the benefits of outdoor play in a hygienic and secure environment . There is also a tree house where little ones can cozy up for a play or some fun reads. , ride on cars and plenty of free space to run , play and weave a million imaginary stories .

The premises have full CCTV camera coverage. It is a one of its kind preschool that ensures not just complete safety and development of a child but also does not compromise on quality for your child just like their own homes.

  • This state of the art centre open admissions from 6 months of age.
  •  Provides nurturing atmosphere from small babies , toddlers to active kids,
  • Ensuring their nap & meal times as per schedule.
  • And when it comes to hygiene I give them 10/10.
  • They provide meals for kids from 18 months and above.
  • The play area is open to outside kids on a daily fee basis post 4 pm on weekdays & all day on the weekends when the playschool/Day care is shut.
  • Daily report of the kids is shared with the parents on pick up.

So moms go enrol your little wonders to this wonderland of early learning.



Much love





A new discovery of comfort & fun for little H….PAMPERS!

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New discovery for my little H’s comfort – 3x Chanel technology by pampers

One of the biggest challenges in parenting is baby care amongst many that a new mom faces. And the most common one is the diapering woe. A baby’s skin is 10 times softer than adults, so it’s important to choose the right kind of diaper which leaves them rash free and comfortable.   When it comes to diapering, I have always been a Pampers mom. And we are still going strong with it. And just recently I was introduced to – World’s first 3x Chanel technology that was launched by Pampers. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to try it. Who wouldn’t want extra comfort for their baby right?!

I have been using the New Pamper diaper for the past one week and this is what I found. We recently went for a Stay-cation. Last minute plans and packing. I packed the diaper I was using earlier and the new Pamper dry pants as it was on trial. I got little H showered & got him in the new pamper diapers. My first reaction to the diaper after my baby wore it- “WOW THIS IS SO LIGHT, I AM SURE LITTLE H WILL BE COMFORTABLE IN IT”. We took an hour and a half to reach our hotel. We checked in and went to the room.


Since this was a short stay only for 2 days we wanted to explore and make the most of it without wasting any time. But before we left the hotel room, I wanted to check on his diaper quickly, I usually smell his bum to check if he pooped. which was not the case. And his diaper was not at all bulky. So, I didn’t change him. 

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We got down from the room, and little H was running around and super playful and excited. We sat for lunch, fed him and had a lovely lunch by the pool.  It was 3 pm by the time we got done with lunch. And my observation was, little H was very comfortable, happy and light. No saggy, bulky diaper. No pulling on diaper because of irritable skin. At around 4 pm I checked his diaper, again to check if he pooped, this time he pooped, and that’s when I changed his diaper and found he didn’t have any red marks in his inner thigh.

So, from morning 8 am to 4 pm, 8 hrs this diaper was going strong as it absorbs faster with its 3 absorbing channels which evenly distributes the pee.

I am very sure if he hadn’t poop the diaper would have stayed on for longer. We went for a swim followed by dinner & called it a day. 


Back in our room, I spent some time with him in the bath tub changed him in his night dress with new pamper baby dry pants on, at around 8 pm. We spent some time reading and finally little H slept off at 10 pm. I usually changed his diaper before he sleeps but with this great performing new Pamper Baby Dry Pants, I was quite confident in less than 24 hrs 🙂 And to my amazement Little H slept through the night. On normal days he cries and wakes u sometimes, because the diaper becomes bulky because the pee collects at one specific place.  This diaper is indeed a revolution as it did not sag from any area.

This was my experience of day 1 of using these Pampers Baby Dry Pants, I have been using it for a week now and would like to conclude by saying if my son didn’t poop, I am sure this diaper would have worked longer with its triple absorption. I found little H was more comfortable, walking straight, was not pulling his diapers, & No Rashes or red marks around the inner thigh.

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My happy & dry toddler

To summarize my experience with New Pamper Baby Dry Pants – 

  1. Three absorbing channels  indeed absorb fast & distribute pee evenly, which resulted in No sagging of the diaper – And i was elated to see my happy & dry baby.


  1. Magic gel did absorb faster than the diaper of another brand & kept the diaper dry even from inside, though I used it on my baby for almost the entire day. 


  1. It’s breathable soft belt & cuffs keeps the baby’s skin soft & fresh and well thank god! Looks like Rashes will never be a problem again for my baby


  1. The flexible waistband comfortably fit his waist and didn’t get loose. It stayed intact all through the day, which is another plus for me!  


So, moms say goodbye to those uncomfortable diapers and say Hello! to Pampers Baby Dry Pant. Try it and share your experience with me. 

Much love



10 ways how to deal with cranky toddler this wedding season.

Pacifying my cranky toddler

It was my cousins wedding that we attended recently in Rajasthan. It was a long over due & much awaited event, my cousin sister’s wedding plus was my first visit after I got married & off course first with my son. I was overwhelmed with emotions to meet my extended Family after so long. And to visit my birth place with my husband & my son. Was soaked in the excitement preparing for the wedding be it our outfits & gifts for everyone.

It was the day to finally fly down to the destination & I was elated beyond words, Flight was great, little H being a charmer was giving flying kisses to every one during the journey & I could not wait for him to meet my whole family & how every one will go gaga over his cuteness only until I discovered it was completely opposite of what I expected!!! We finally reached & every one was dancing & enjoying and the moment my car stopped, every one rushed to receive us & BAAM! There…. I had a howling baby who just didn’t wanted to go to anybody. I thought it was momentary & He must be having stranger anxiety (which usually never happens) he will be fine next day. But NOPE! He was like this all 3 days. It was a combination of new place, people…a lot of people & loud music.

I didn’t go prepared for this at all & was quite a bummer. So have listed some dos & don’t & how to sooth your cranky baby who is irritable with loudness.

  1. Do not force your kid to go to others against his will – We often make a mistake of forcing our kids to go to others, as we want them to mingle with our family but by going against the baby’s will you are doing no good. In fact this will end up making the situation  worse & have an extremely irritable baby.
  2. Give your kid the attention he needs  – A cranky baby will always look for the parent mostly moms to feel secure in a new environment. So give them that. I danced with my son in my arms. A mom does what she gotta do!! 🙂
  3. Keep taking breaks from the crowd & the loud music – Take your kid out for a stroll away from the noise & crowd every 20 mins. Study the behaviour, if she is uneasy & cranky step out immediately. This way you can enjoy & the baby can also be at ease.
  4. Use cotton plugs to protect your kid from loud music – The inner ear (cochlea) contains tiny cells that are sensitive to sound (hair cells). These cells convert the vibration of sound into messages to the brain. After long exposure to very loud noise, physical changes occur to several parts of the inner ear, including the hair cells. Hence its best to use Cotton plugs to protect your baby’s sensitive ear drums, when exposed to loud music.
  5. Make eye contact to pacify your cranky child & try to sooth him with familiar expressions & vocals. Not to forget those cuddly hugs & kisses works the best.
  6. Feed the kid before you step out to attend any function. Make sure your kid is well fed as you don’t want to deal with a hungry & irritable baby later when you want to enjoy the functions. Always get your kid sorted first before you dress up.
  7. Keep the milk bottles/ sipper handy & if your kid loves sweet go for it, it immediately soothes & calms them. There’s a reason some of us crave gooey desserts when we’re feeling low: They’re rooted in happy associations.
  8. Let you & your partner take turns – I know its a bummer as you want to enjoy together with the family but its OK. Remember you are doing this for your child.
  9.  Ask your family members for help –  If your kid goes to them then you are sorted but if not wait till your kid falls a sleep & some family member can baby sit the baby and you & your partner can enjoy together with the whole family. People should take turns.
  10. Try stay out of your baby’s sight if he is recovered from the crying session – It often happens when they see moms they want to come to them, So if you see or know your child is finally happy & not cranky let him be & enjoy 🙂

Travelling with a toddler: Checklist & tips

I studied my son’s behaviour , he was absolutely OK once he was back in the room with minimal people around & no loud sound. Hence i concluded that it was the loudness & crowded space that bothered him.

Hope you find this read helpful!

Much Love


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only time when i danced, while my toddler was fast asleep.


BURSTING MYTHS Around instant noodles

There is a lot of Myths going around us about foods we consume. Did you know even healthy foods can be dangerous for health if not consumed in moderation? Eggs, for example are related to heart disease as their yolks contain a substantial amount of cholesterol — about 211 milligrams (mg) per large egg. But labelling eggs as “bad for your heart” is connecting the wrong dots, experts say. “Epidemiologic studies show that most healthy people can eat an egg a day without problems,” BURSTING MYTHS AROUND INSTANT NOODLES!


Maggi has been a fond memory of mine & perhaps most of our childhood. I remember being exceptionally excited about our evening snack which used to be Maggi most days.  And the touch of mom’s secret recipe with some veggies in it used to add 5 stars to that Maggi. Maggi noodles came to India as an after-school meal in the 1980s and quickly became a staple snack for the country’s every family. It was fast, easy, & tasty. And due to growing popularity of this brand, it has recently been into a lot of controversies & intense speculations that instant noodles are bad for health because of high content of fat & carbs.  


But the truth is No single food item is healthy or unhealthy. A balanced diet, moderation and an active lifestyle is what matters. The key here is to have a balanced diet that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly. To get the proper nutrition from your diet, you should consume the majority of your daily calories in the form of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, fats, fibre & water. These elements together make your daily diet nutritious. While protein acts as a structural component of cells and tissues; carbohydrates are one of the main types of nutrients and the one needed in the largest amounts by the body. Between 45 and 65 percent of calories should come from carbs.  Fat is an essential part of your diet. It provides energy, absorbs certain nutrients and maintains your core body temperature. You need to consume fat every day to support these functions, but some types of fat are better for you than others. Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients—because acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. However there is a fine line between getting enough of these nutrients (which is healthy) and getting too much (which can end up harming you). So understanding your nutrients and consuming them in the right quantity is the key. MAGGI Noodles for instance, strikes this balance really well. The balance between Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat in MAGGI noodles is very similar to the recommendations made by Indian Council of Medical Research. This includes even the newly launched MAGGI Oat noodles provides energy in this recommended ratio –Energy from carbohydrates (56%), protein (10%) and fats (33%).


According to Indian Council of Medicine & Research (ICMR) recommendation on Dietary Guidelines for Indians, the total fat in the diet should provide between 20-30% of total calories. The total fat intake in the diets can go up to 50g per person per day based on the level of physical activity and physiological status. I am a fitness freak myself, but I consume fat in some way daily. It’s important to consume fat to support daily functioning & is absolutely vital. Did you know Fat also helps you absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, the so-called fat-soluble vitamins. Fat also fills your fat cells and insulates your body to help keep you warm. The fats your body gets from your food give your body essential fatty acids called linoleic and linolenic acid. Remember Excess of fat makes FAT but if consumed it right moderation it’s just what you need in your diet. 


So if we go to see Maggi is not at all bad. The fat content per serve (per pack) in the various MAGGI noodles is 11-13g and is well within the recommended proportions. It is about 1/5th of the total fat requirement for a person’s daily diet. Even if we compare the fat content in some commonly consumed food items – one bowl of MAGGI Noodles had lesser fat than common food items like a vegetable cheese sandwich, veg biryani, a dosa, or an aloo parantha (Indian homemade bread with stuffed potatoes). Something to think about right? Hence it’s justified & significant to mention Maggi is good. it is important to understand the content of a food before tagging it negative. So even if you are consuming instant noodles everday, it’s not going to harm you. I mean look at us, we all grew up eating Maggi, and perfectly healthy today. And if we go to think, internationally everything is packed & instant, while is consumed daily.

I did some research on Maggi and to my amazement A MAGGI Noodles cake goes through 5 step cooking process before they are packed. At first they are steamed – very similar to the process of making Idli. Then they are baked. The 3rd step involves quick frying of about a minute and a half which reduces the moisture in the noodle & cooks the noodles cakes enough for them to remain stable for several months before they reach consumers. This also ensures that you can cook your MAGGI noodles in boiling water in just 2 minutes. Finally after drying & cooling the noodles are packed.

Maggi is loved because it broke monotony in food texture & flavor. And who wouldn’t love that, when its simple to cook & flavorful. It is very important to know what you are eating, but to evaluate that one needs a proper undertaking of 7 elements that are mentioned above that makes a balanced diet. Remember just one of these elements or just one food cannot give you nutrition. And like I always say, striking a balance is important, be it food or life 🙂 


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I confess I am a workaholic who fiercely loves her family. I struggle to find the balance between all of this and though it’s really hard it also a lot of FUN! I am brutally honest about this adventure we call being a working mom & through my honesty I hope to empower and inspire women to believe that they can do this.

“Motherhood is not the end of your Identity”

I am a Fashion professional by the nature of my job & General Manager Design & Marketing by designation. I work for a Bombay based export house and deal with clients like zara, oysho, Mango, Next, urban outfitters. In the past i had worked for brands like H&M, river island, top-shop and Masimo dutti to name a few.My job involves extensive travel around the globe for presentations & meetings. People who know me ,Know my jet setter life before becoming a MAMA.

I love my job & love my travels, it gives me a perspective to live life differently. Experiencing multi culture on my work trips definitely changed my horizon to a lot of things. Also it is so much self empowering to go out their in the world and make your mark.

I had my SONshine with great difficulty & a lot of wait but the wait was worth it. I love him more then words but at the same time i cant give up on my identity, And work is a very important part of me. Working full time & raising a tiny human sounds like a lotof work right!?! So the question is how do i do it?


“I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible — oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”Tina Fey

Do i spend enough time with my son ? Am i part of his daily happenings ? How do i take care of him while being at work?

And the Answer to this is – I strike a balance, and have best of both worlds. Here are 10 ways, how i strike a work-life balance –

  1. Let go off the guilt – Rather than dwell on how you’re not with your child, think about how your role of being a Working mom is benefiting the family. Your reason to work may be any, to provide a bright future for your children , help support your family status or elevating & developing self as an individual. Bright side is, in the end you are raising an independent kid.
  2. A Reliable care giver – If you live in a joint family with your in laws and parents around then you are sorted, but its a real problem in nuclear family. If you are a nuclear family then its important to figure out a reliable care giver, A nanny who can take care of your child in your absence. There are a lot of professional agencies these days , Where security is not a big problem and they provide trained professionals. You can opt for someone living with you or some one who comes for 12 hrs.
  3. A creche’ – If you are unable to find one suitable & trustworthy care taker at home then creche is answer to your problem. There are many state of the art creches/day care, who provide all the amenities that will keep your child safe & entertained. There will be some challenges like kids catching infection frequently, but that will happen when ever your kid will start going out, be it creche a play school or school for that matter. Its better they get use to it from an early age.
  4. CCTV Cameras – It has been a blessing for me. I have got CCTV cameras installed in all rooms of my house and i can see my son live on my phone on my laptops. It ensures his safety and i get to see my curly cuddly running around & playing around the house 🙂 You can login from any part of the world all you need is a data connectivity or Wifi. Also keep calling time to time checking one your kid.
  5. Support from work – It is very important to get some kind of flexibility & support from your work place. I have some credibility after working for so many years and with my past performances my employer has been kind to be flexible with me. All employers need to understand a woman has many roles to play in her life so be vocal with you employer to be flexible with you and figure out a working model where neither you nor them are affected.
  6. Spend quality time with your child –  Above i have stated the logistics of making arrangements to keep your baby safe while you are at work. Now lets talk about making time for your baby.You need to design your day in such a way that you get to spend quality time with your kid so you don’t go on to the guilt ride. And honestly i wont be able to do this if i don’t have support from work. I prefer going late & coming late rather hustling in the morning & come tired home & not spending quality time with your child. So mornings are for him. I wake up anytime between 7-7:30 am. so an hr work out, or go for runs or just do stretches at home with or without my son. From 8:30 to 10:30 I give uninterrupted time to my son. We indulge into various activities , eat breakfast together, i make sure to feed him breakfast because then for other meals i am not around. I oil his hair, brush his teeth, do these little things , bath him and then in half hr get ready and leave for work. During evening i am back by 8-8:30 pm and then literally bath in 5 mins and then dinner in 5 mins and its time for his Nanny to go. From 9 to 10:30 – 11 pm is our time again. our routine is, some active play, then reading a book and sleep.
  7. Create an activity/meal, chart– Make a chart for full week during weekends about his meals( breakie, lunch, evening snack, dinner, milk & quantity), medicines (if any). Time table for the whole day mentioning meals, nap time, play time etc.Or if you are sending your kids to a creche make notes in a book and hand it over to the concerned person there.
  8. Organise yourself – Make sure to pack yours & your kids bags a previous night.Purses, work bags, baby bags/school bags.  Remove what to wear in the night for next day both for you & your kid. When you are at work, try & work smarter, without wasting time, not telling you to interact with your peers ( its one of the most important thing to be a successful manager) But casual internet surfing gossiping & long lunches etc eats time. You rather utilise that time and work efficiently and wind up on time for the day to go back to your baby.
  9. Me time – Most importantly do not forget to focus on the golden Me time hr. Remove that one hr every day where you only focus on your self. It could be reading, running, working out, listening to music, painting or perhaps watch your favourite show. Remember you can’t serve your family if you will be irritated, frustrated. So make sure to rejuvenate your self everyday to get clarity of thoughts which will help you function better.
  10. Delegate responsibility to your spouse – Don’t try to take everything on you, Delegate some responsibility to your spouse, eg: if you are getting late at work or have a work travel coming up, communicate with your husband to be around when you are not. Let your husband take care of your child when he wakes up during the night or early morning, so you catch on some sleep.

Hope you found this read helpful, Would love to know your thoughts in comments below.







BREASTFEED – Best for baby




Its the Breast feeding week 2017, and being an advocate of Breastfeeding how can i not share my journey of breastfeeding & share my learning & experience on this topic . I remember i had put so much pressure on myself right after delivery that i was getting panic attacks until the 3rd day when i started lactating.With so many failure lactation stories around i was under a lot of pressure thinking , will i ?, what if i wont? but even if i didn’t!?! would that make me a bad MOM? NOPE! so please don’t beat yourself on this, and do whats in your control because the way women feed their baby does NOT  define their success as a MOTHER.

when it comes to breastfeeding every mother is different & every child is different.Every moms challenges will be different. So weather you breastfeed or pump feed, or bottle feed it does not matter as i believe every mom does best for her child. Having said that breast feeding has endless benefits both for the baby and the mother.

So here are some Reasons why Breast feed is good for the baby and the mother, what are the challenges, lactation, Foods for Lactation & support during lactation.

Advantages of Breast feeding – 

  1. Unique nutritional formulation- ideal nutrition.
  2. Unique immunologic and development medicament- Which protects against Infection & stimulates optimal development while breast feeding.
  3. Programs infant for later development
  4. Human milk is a complex bioactive and prophylactic fluid.
  5. Wholesome hence there is no need for supplementation.
  6. No  risk of contamination & no need to sterilise bottles ( such a task)
  7. Maternal antibiotics in milk protect against infection till 9m of age.
  8. Problems like Skin allergies, asthma are less common in breast feed babies.


Different position of breastfeeding – 

I started lactating at 3rd day after delivery and learning feeding positions was so difficult for me. Also people around ,created much panic. But its important to keep your cool and learn about these positions from the beginning.

Start by placing baby on one side, toward your breasts. Make sure your baby’s whole body is facing your chest, with his or her ear, shoulder and hip in a straight line (those little boy or girl parts should be parallel to the breast you’re not feeding from). You don’t want your newborn’s head turned to the side — it should be straight in line with the body. Use a nursing or regular pillow to bring baby to a height that makes manoeuvring him or her to the breast easier. A mother should always sit with her back supported . and take the baby towards her, this prevents her from back pains. I always preferred Upright position. Other positions like lying down & feeding sideways are better avoided. In case of twins Football potion works best as both kids can be fed simultaneously. Also this position is good for moms who had c-sec as you don’t have to place the baby on your belly because stitches hurt for few days. Learn more about Feeding positions Here


Always let the baby feed from one breast then give the other as the baby gets HIND milk which is rich in FATS. Basically, the initial milk during each feed is more like water and later comes the nutritious milk , Always complete feeding from one breast then move on to the other even if the other one is leaking milk, its fine. I did the exact same thing until the health care providers pointed it out to me. 


Challenges during Breastfeeding 

  1. Inadequate breast milk: First few days there may be reduced milk, or you wont even lactate but from 3-4th day you should start lactating. First few days a jelly like substance called Colostrum is enough for the baby. Especially post C-Sec lactation may delay as the mother is fasting. Its advisable to consume 4-5 ltrs of liquid in form of water, milk, juices etc.

Some women get adequate lactation and some dont, here is a quick look at foods that enhances milk production –

  • Water – Drink lots of water all day especially right after a feed.
  • Nuts – When you get hungry because of feeding, munch on some nuts.
  • Flax seeds- best to have first thing in the morning
  • Green veggies – Have lots of leafy greens like SPINACH , i used to have a spinach tomato soup daily.
  • Fruits, ornage, payaya, banana etc
  • Sesame seeds
  • Dry fenugreek seeds (Methi)
  • Thymol seeds (Ajwain)
  • Aniseed (Sauf) – soak them in ater for couple of hrs, and drink it. Repeat 2-3 times a day.
  • Fennel

Click below to know my postpartum journey and what food i ate and how i lost weight.


2.Retraction or Flat nipples– prior to delivery massaging of nipples helps. In severe cases, Nipple shield can Solve the problem. Expressing milk by breast pump is also an option. All though extreme hygiene care needs to be kept in mind while expressing and feeding expressed milk, to avoid infections.

3. Breast Engorgement /Mastitis : This condition is swelling & pain in the breast during feeding. To avoid this you should massage your breasts daily, it forms lumps otherwise which leads to complications. If there is excess milk express it and keep. Hot fomentation and medicines help in severe cases.

Breast milk Recommendations –

  • Mastitis – Continued breast feeding is recommended during antibiotic therapy.
  • Breast Abscess : Feeding from affected breast is not recommended but breast milk should be expressed out. Feeding can be resumed once abscess has been drained out and mother is treated with antibiotics. Breast Feeding should be continued from unaffected breast.

4. Cracked Nipple – Do not use too much soap & water , keep them exposed to air, do not wear tight bra. Can apply breast milk or coconut oil.  or use ointments like Nipcare which is also safe for the baby.

Expressing Milk

I personally swear by Breast pumps, I started pumping when my son was 2 months. Sometimes i had excess milk so i had to express and it worked great because while i was sleeping, any body in the family use to feed my son. Its a good way to keep your sanity in place. Also when a mom gets back to work Breast pumps are your answer to all the puzzles in your head. Its easy & quick, however some precautions needs to be kept in mind to avoid infections –

  • Wash your hands well with soap & water before expressing.
  • Sterilise pump and and the bottle
  • Storage  :Room temp- 2-3 hrs , insulated cooler with ice pack – 24 hrs, Fridge – 5 days, try to use it up in 24 hrs, Freezer – 2 weeks.

Support during Breast feeding –

Breastfeeding is not an easy journey for a woman, And this is the time when a woman needs people around to make her feel that she is not alone and she has all the support.It also takes a father’s shoulder, a colleague’s helping hand, a friend’s sympathetic ear and a grandma’s eyes. It takes all of us and our hearts to help mothers breastfeed. Because raising the healthiest possible tiny human is not only a mother’s responsibility. IT TAKES ALL OF US. Fathers, grandparents, friends and colleagues , you’re already helping a lot the breastfeeding mum whom you know closely or intimately. But you may be wondering how you could possibly help her more so that she can breastfeed for longer.

  • For DADS –   After your wife is done feeding the baby, take the baby and burp him, also  provide emotional support to your wife, believe me she needs you like never before. wake up with her if the baby wakes up in the night. Show her some love, let her know you are there for her.
  • For Friends – Keep visiting your friend who has become a mom recently, spend some time looking after the baby so she can catch up on some sleep or motivate her to speak her mind, talk about how fun life will be with her baby around.
  • Family/grandparent – Let the new mom rest in between feeding times, meanwhile look after the baby and help the new mom with daily chores so she can relax. And  shower all the love on her ,motivate her to breast feed and tell her she is doing great.
  • Boss – Be lenient with breast feeding moms with working hrs at least for 6 months. Make her feel she is still as productive rather more as she has one new role now.

Hope you find this article useful!

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World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. I so stand by this quote. I have been an avid traveller, 15 countries and counting….Recently explored another chapter that’s called Singapore. And it was indeed very special being first with my son.


Me and my husband love exploring Europe and we always do one country at a time. So Singapore was not on the cards, but once you have a baby Dimensions and perspective change and only country that came to our mind was Singapore. We were looking for a destination around India to avoid long haul flights. It took us only 4 hrs to land in this beautiful City of gardens.

Travelling with a toddler: Checklist & tips

And here is why? Take a look at Singapore through my eyes and find out what to do with kids.

1.  Singapore zoo – Walk on the wild side with award winning wildlife park where animals roam freely in their natural Habitat. This wild life park is spread over a 26 hectare with 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, which provides an excellent wildlife experience which your little one is sure to enjoy.  From White Tigers, pygmy hippos, and even naked mole rats to African cats and giraffes,they have it all, Which is sure to excite your little one. To be honest,i have never seen my son so excited. He was pointing out all the animals with his finger and was expressing is excitement was blabbering and jumping. Our favourite watch was orangutan, White tiger, different species of hippos , polar bear . They also have a dinosaurs land, where they have created different species of dummy Dinos which is great to educate our kids about. There are quick snack & gift stores all around the park. For adults , there is something called Breakfast with orangutans, Quite adventurous right! I would have done it, if i was travelling without my son.

TIP – Don’t forget to get a Map, to guide your way through this huge park with 11 zones depicting wild life from different countries. 


2. River safari – Visit River Safari in Singapore for a wildlife experience themed around the world’s freshwater rivers. From the Yangtze to the Mississippi, From Ganges to Nile river to encounter animals of all types, including the beloved Giant panda, Which was truly the highlight of our visit to river Safari. It is such a great Learning for kids , about the native animals and plants that are found around the world’s legendary rivers, and take a boat ride on the ‘Amazon River to spot Flamingos, which your little one is sure to enjoy.

Visitors can take a boat ride on the Amazon River Quest, or the River Safari Cruise; walk through the Squirrel Monkey Forest or see the Amazon Flooded Forest in the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium exhibit.

TIP – Buy tickets to zoo and river safari together to get a better deal 🙂


3. S.E.A Aquarium – Immerse yourself underwater at the Sea Aquarium and discover more than 100,000 marine animals, Yes its world largest Sea Aquarium. It is such a pristine feeling and such a sense of peace to see these gorgeous underwater creatures and makes you wonder what will underwater life be. My son was amazed to see such creatures and kept pointing out at the fishes. From little  to big, from pretty to fierce, you will witness every possible specie of underwater here.  You can also enjoy Dinning with beautiful views of these swimming creatures at the ocean restaurant by Cat Cora.


4. Universal Studios – Step into the glorious world of movies at this world-class theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa with enticing selection of attractions, rides and entertainment for families and thrill seekers. with Live entertainments , rides and many other attractions, your kid is going to have a busy day. However kids below 3 years of age have very limited things to do. But i am lucky, my son is a happy go lucky and enjoys his surroundings. So it was a lovely family day out!

TIP – You can do Sea Aquarium and Universal studios in one day. Make sure to get priority pass to cover everything in Universal Studios. 

5. Sentosa Beach – With Azure waters , sun & sand this beach is perfect for a family with small restaurants and pubs around. The pubs are all open air and are absolutely kid friendly. Watch your little one enjoy making a sand castle and his little foot prints as he takes a walk along the beach with you. Watch relaxing sun set as you sip on a cocktail while your little one is busy playing with sand. There is also  a kidzania at Sentosa beach.

Tip – someone told me there are red ants on Sentosa, and tea tree oil works perfect on stings. We didn’t find any ants there though. If you want to do Aquarium, Universal ,beach and other attractions at Sentosa , its ideal to stay there for 2 days, as its a little away from the city. They have lovely resorts around. 

6. Flower dome – Gardens by the bay – Its definitely No. 1 attraction in Singapore and a must visit for all age. My First reaction when i steeped in was Wow! Where am i !?! Is this a dream, Every thing is so beautiful. Step into an air conditioned flower dome  which replicates dry cold climate of Mediterranean region like Italy, Spain where every nook is covered with beautiful flowers possible, which gives a feeling of perpetual spring.  And a perfect place to take uncountable snaps and is every Instagramers paradise 🙂 Flower Dome is sure to amaze you and your little one.



7. Cloud Forest Gardens by the bay -If you are excited after reading about flower dome,  Brace yourself to know about Cloud forest. A mysterious world veiled in fog, features a 35 meters tall Mountain covered in lush vegetation, shouldering world’s tallest indoor water fall. A lift takes you to the top level and then you explore and learn as you walk your way down. There is a lift at every level.  My son had so much fun exploring with us. very kid friendly place, there is a lot of space for kids to run around as well.

TIP – Carry a scarf or a light jacket as it get a bit chilly inside – Temp –  23°C – 25°C


8. Super tree Groove and OCBC sky walk – Make a trip to the top of one of these iconic Super trees and be awed by splendid views of the Gardens and the surrounding Marina Bay area. Or, stroll along the 22-metre-high OCBC skywalk, a 128-metre aerial walkway that connects two of the Super trees, and see the Gardens from a different point of view. Its a must visit to witness these iconic & never seen before structure and don’t forget to capture those wonderful moments at Super tree with your family as they make a Prefect  background 🙂

Tip – you can do gardens by the bay in one day, Flower dome, cloud forest and super tree. 


9. Merlion Park – When someone says Singapore, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes  ! That national icon, the mythical Merlion with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, throwing water from his mouth. Its a must visit  to this tourist attraction with lovely views of marina bay sands and the bay, & restaurants and pubs around. This place bustling with energy is a must visit where you can capture some fun moments with your kids perhaps with the water thrown by the Merlion 🙂  Its around the Fullerton Hotel also known as Fullerton square.


10. Marina Bay Sands – Last but not the least, and definitely the highlight of our trip.The famous marina bay sands which is known world wide for its ultra luxury  & Hospitality. and yes the infinity pool at the 35th pool with cities breath taking views is definitely a highlight. Whats amazing , and to my surprise this hotel being so busy and bustling with guests from around the world offers great amenities and features for kids in the hotel. we spent one day only chilling at the pool and little H enjoyed every bit of it.Be sure to be spoiled in luxury at Marina bay sands hotel and your kids will feel at home 🙂



Other fun places to visit – Bird park, Singapore flyer, Art science Museum, Singapore botanical Gardens, Night safari,Cable Car and Clarke Quay River Cruise, Chinatown,Adventure Park Zipline.

Stay tuned to read my review on hotels we stayed in Singapore.

Hope this helps you 🙂

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Travelling with a toddler: Checklist & tips

I have been an avid traveller, 3 passports down, 15 countries & counting…. And in my view my travel is never going to stop as i feel one learns, grow, more with each travel. meeting different people in different countries & experiencing a variety of culture makes you more versatile. And i don’t think my travel life is going to change after having my baby, in fact it will be more fun with my little one. Excited to explore new countries with him 🙂
We got his passport made when he was 5 months old. And now he is one year old and we are off for our first family vacation to Singapore. Its not my first flight experience with him, we have flown within the country many times. But this one is our First long flight.
Travelling with a baby can be fun or the complete disaster if you don’t plan well.
So here is a quick checklist to what to pack for your baby –
  1. Clothes – 2 pair for the day & one for the night should be ideal.
  2. Shoes or booties – Carry not more then 2 pair of shoes or booties.
  3. socks – carry these in plastic or fabric folders as you don’t want to waste time looking for those tiny socks in the suitcase. you will get these in any super market.
  4. Bibs, Napkins – carry as many washable bibs & napkins you can, considering you don’t want to sit and wash them everyday during your holiday.
  5. Bottles & Sippy cups – keep some extra just in case if you don’t f nd a steriliser everywhere.
  6. Formula – stock up on formula depending on no. of days of your travel.
  7. Ready to eat baby food – lots of options are available in the market.
  8. Baby utensils, like bowl, plate, spoon. 2 each should be good.
  9. A good stock of diapers – Half your cabin bag will be full of them 🙂
  10. Diaper rash creme , wipes – carry according to no. of days you are out for.
  11. Baby toiletries like baby bath, shampoo, creme, lotion.
  12. Baby detergent – i will be carrying a small bottle of Johnson’s baby liquid detergent to wash bibs and if required some clothes.  It works great on stains.
  13. Medication – Very important to carry all baby medication, make sure you carry basic medication prescribed by your paediatrician for, cold, cough , flu, vomiting, loose motions , colic etc.
  14. Baby comb & hair brush.
  15. Baby nail scissors, to cut their nails as their nails grow too fast. I have to cut my sons nails in every 3 days.
  16. Baby carrier
  17. A stroller
  18. Some toys, books, colouring books that your baby loves to keep him entertained.
  19. Blankets – carry at-least 2.
  20. Carry some plastic bags as you may need to dump unwashed, used clothes or diapers on the go.
On the flight in the cabin bag –
  1. Diapers, diaper rash creme, wipes.
  2. Formula , Flask for hot water, & bottles or sippy cups
  3. 2 pair of clothes for baby & one for you, just in case of a diaper leaks, happened with me once, You don’t want to start your vacation with poop on your clothes 🙂
  4. Medicines – carry medication for vomiting & loose motions on the flight.
  5. toys, books, to keep baby entertained on the flight.
  6. Cotton to put in your baby’s ears to protect their ear drum from air pressure.
  7. Blanket.
  8. Hand sanitiser.
If you are heading to a Beach destination or a sunny place.
  1. Swimming trunks, float, cap, goggles,
  2. Sun block
  3. Cap or a hat to protect your baby from sun.
  4. Tea tree oil, apparently it helps with any insects stings. Sentosa island where we are headed to has red ants on the beach & someone suggested this really works. Its rarely available in India, but very commonly available abroad so you can check at pharmacies like boots internationally.
  5. Water toys.
  1. Start preparing to pack well in advance, so you don’t forget anything.& keep a checklist on the table around where you are packing. Go over it again just so you don’t miss out on anything.
  2. Travel smart & light, pre plan your’s & your baby’s outfits from now to save time.
  3. carry lots of plastic bags to trash diapers on the go.
  4. Pack all the baby syrup individually as they may spill & then pack in a bigger plastic so nothing leaks in your suitcase.
  5. Make sure your diaper bag has water proof lining. I prefer a cross body diaper bag.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT- Take number of your baby health care provider to connect in emergency.
  7. As suggested above, do carry one extra pair of clothes for you on the flight as they may be leaky diapers & spit ups on the plane.
Happy vacay 🙂


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After 6 years of struggle, bad health, emotional let downs & failures. After going trough every pin & needle in this world i had my baby. Words cant express my enthusiasm to finally have become a MOM, it was like a dream come true. But Wait why was i not happy?

I should have been the most happiest person ever, i was happy but what was that feeling?

” Yes! i was suffering from POST PAR-TUM DEPRESSION! And just by writing this i have tears in my eyes “

Just when i lost hope on having a baby and started focusing on my health & life in general, i  had my baby ! It was nothing but a miracle to finally conceive when i was least expecting it. But that’s not all. I always had problems in carrying pregnancy, each pregnancy got me gestational hypertension. Its a condition where the BP raises and fluctuates which affects the baby, and the flow of nutrients to the baby which leads to miscarriages.  And this time was no different. But my health care providers, understood my case after so many mishaps &  took very good care of me.
Believe it or not i got injected every single day until i popped this baby, I had major diet restrictions & by 7th month to add to my misery i was also  diagnosed by gestational diabetes, again major food restrictions here. Haven’t forgotten those jabs i use to give my self.  Clearly from all this you can gather i have gone through hell & back to get this baby. 
So Finally it was THE DAY that i had my little angel in my hands,something that i longed for years. Had gone through every pin & needle to get this baby. BUT i was not as happy as i imagined.I was irritable, had emotional outbursts, sleeplessness, pain ( as i had a c sec) , first 2 days i was worried if i will lactate. I had put so much pressure on myself from the moment i held him in my hands. I was absolutely geared to be a mother but some how i was not as happy as i should have been.
Finally 3rd day i started lactating, so one stress was off my head. But being a new mom Anxieties kicked in, would start crying any minute, i used to feel lonely, even with many people around.
I was a mix ball of emotions – Depressed, low, rude, Also i remember being  very possessive about my baby as i had him after so many struggles, i didn’t like people playing with him or holding him, i was very rude to people around me especially my mom & my husband. I knew what i was doing is not right but i had no control over me. A ridiculous fact, when my husband would give my baby all the attention which is bound to happen, i felt insecure, i would think that his love for me is dead, or he doesn’t care about me.And it occurred to me after months that I WAS GOING THROUGH POST PAR TUM DEPRESSION (PPD) its a clinical depression which hits most women after delivery. Hormonal change is hypothesised to contribute as one cause of postpartum depression. And i am not ashamed of sharing this, as this is very common and natural after having a bay. I am sure a lot of you may feel like reading your own story.
I knew about this before having a baby, but i was so overwhelmed in bringing this baby to this world that i didn’t bother about life after it.
So here are some tips on how can you cope with PPD – 
  1. Pre-natal classes – Join a Pre-natal class, where you and your husband will be educated about delivery, postpartum, breast feeding , basically life after having a baby.also while you are pregnant it helps couples to get connected to the baby involving different activities.
  2. Make husbands aware about this condition – Its important to make husbands aware about this condition so they can emotionally support their wives. give her your shoulder to cry. take out some time for her. Take her out for small drives and quick dinners. perhaps get her a glass of wine, Which wont hurt a breast feeding mom or the baby.
  3. Join a counselling class, where experts talk to you, and help you over come this depression.
  4. Be vocal about your feelings , We often don’t express what we feel. Especially such emotions. But it is very important to communicate what you feel. Let your husband, mom, relatives, friends know what you feel. Letting it out always helps.
  5. Change in environment – I got over this with time, I came to my moms place, i actually needed a break from my surrounding. So plan a little getaway or go stay at a friends place or perhaps a resort.
  6. Catch up on some sleep & me time – in between feeding times, try and catch up on some sleep .if you have help,  express your milk ( there is no harm in doing this sometime) You have to also thing about yourself along with your baby. Or read a book, watch  a movie, listen to some good music when the baby is napping. Do things that you like. this will definitely make you feel better.

image2 (1)


Postpartum is not all about feeding the baby, changing nappies,sleeplessness only. This is the time you need to also take care of yourself. 
Make sure you have your mom or someone who can take care of the baby and you.So you can have some time to yourself and not feel drained out & forget about yourself. This is the time you need to focus on your health as you have given a birth to a human, it takes a whole village to do that. You need to focus to get enough nutrients to get your strength back. Also this is time to take baby steps towards achieving your pre-pregnancy shape, remember this needs to be done very slowly and at a steady pace.
Since you have given birth and you are breast feeding you need about 2000 calories a day. But don’t ever count calories and eat. Eat when your hungry.
Try to get a balanced diet.
What can you do to get a good & healthy diet & aim to steady weight reduction.
1.  Starchy food, like breads, rice etc.
2.  Lots of fruits & green vegetables.
3.  Protein, like pulses, fish , egg etc avoid  high protein food as this can cause gas to you and end up having a colicky baby.
4.  Dairy produce like Milk, yogurt, fruit smoothies etc.
5.  Try and avoid deep fried food, stale , junk , fast food.
6.  Nuts ( these are good source of energy, ) Good to have them in between meals when you get hungry because of breast feeding.
7.  Soups – Have a soup every day , this use to be my evening snack. spinach & tomato, carrots & pumpkin. etc.
8. Avoid having fatty foods like butter,cheese, deep fried. it wont do any good to you or your baby, and in fact will add extra lbs to your weight.
9. Avoid having those ladoos your mom, or mom in-law will make for you saying it will help you gain strength.There is a truth to it but without GHEE OR BUTTER. i had all the incidents that go in that ladoo separately like thymol seeds ( AJWAIN) this helps in digestion as your digestion is week after delivery. DRY FENUGREEK SEEDS (METHI), This helps in building strength. powder both these ingredients and have a spoonful every day. have nuts  which is part of it any time during the day. don’t eat too much. I basically had all the ingredients of that ladoo except sugar & ghee which would have added  extra lbs.
Do’s & don’t while Breast feeding 
1. Drink plenty of water while Breast feeding, As you loose a lot of water from your body during milk production. its good to keep yourself hydrated.
2. Remember to avoid, fatty food, deep fried, junk food, restrict your intake of caffeine & an absolute no for alcohol. while breastfeeding. occasionally a glass        of wine will be fine, but keep a gap of 3 hrs in feeding after having wine.
3. Eat food which is easy on the stomach & nutritious, like green leafy veggies, soups, juices, fruits, etc.
4. Aniseed ( Sauf) is a good source for milk production. So mix a spoon of these seeds in  glass of water and have it after couple of hrs. Try and have 3-4      such glasses during the day.
5. Mix some saffron in your milk, It good for skin, will help you & your baby to look bright & shinny 🙂
6. oatmeal porridge is also great for milk production. You can mix it with milk & dates (instead of sugar) or you can make it with veggies. This mostly use to be my breakfast along with fruits while breastfeeding.
Eating healthy during postpartum is very important as you are recovering, you are breast feeding & you want to want to aim towards gradual weight reduction. So during hunger panks eat smartly. My idea behind eating healthy was not just to weight Loss, i knew what ever i am eating i will be passed on to my baby. Also since i was diagnosed by Gestational diabetes, i had to watch what i was eating to normalise my sugar levels. My sugar levels were back to normal right after delivery however, since diabetes is a family history i didn’t wanted this to last,. My health care providers told me to keep a check on weight. if i put on i am not on the right track.This is the story behind a FIT MOM. I had gone through a lot & learned that healthy way of living is way to go!
Now what can you do to loose weight during postpartum – 
1. For all the expecting moms, please watch what you are eating. Apparently pregnancy gives us license to eat anything, right! One should not put on more then 12- 13 kg  during pregnancy. Its not only difficult to loose that weight later it also creates lot of compilations in the pregnancy.
2. Eat right during postpartum & breast feeding. Avoid sugar, ghee, butter etc. Try & have a balance diet. Read above.
3. Breast feeding definitely helps in losing weight. but along with a good balanced diet.  You cant expect to eat anything  & think i am BF and still not losing weight. BF is the best thing you can do for your baby. its best both for mom & the baby. So please BF your baby as long as you can. It helps build immunity & prevent babies from infections.
4. Please don’t be bed ridden, listen to your body. if you are feeling better after 10-15 days of delivery, start moving around the  house. Don’t do anything strenuous, do not lift weights. just be mobile in the house. Go down for walks.
5.  Do little exercises that your health care providers recommend. I remember i was told to do back strengthening & pelvis exercises as i had a c sec.
These exercises were advised & demonstrated by my heath care providers. So ask yours before doing this.
6. At around 4th month i started doing little stretches at home. You can do yoga or brisk  walks.At around 6th month i started running. only cardio. no weights.
 Working out can be in any form – climbing stairs, to doing house chores, some  stretches  at home, brisk walks, running, skipping etc.
7. Don’t go all out start slowly but be steady – You can choose to do 10 push ups 2-3 mins of planks, 20 squats, 20 triceps,10 surya namaskar. If you cant step out of the house, think out of the box, do these exercises with your baby, and perhaps  steal some kisses while doing it 🙂 I do it even now when cant find time to hit the gym.
8. I always say this, working out should not be only to reduce weight, it should become part of your life. its a fact if you workout, your body releases DOPAMINE, also called as HAPPY HORMONE, Its a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s necessary for feelings of happiness.
I will conclude this article by saying, Healthy living is a key to a happy lifestyle. And its important as mothers we take out time for our selves EVERYDAY.
Even if it is for half an hr, but give your self preference for that half hr. do things that you like, workout. Stop worrying about your baby & family during that hr or one hr. You need to be mentally & physically fit to be able to serve your family better. You are special as you are a MOTHER. Love yourself 🙂 
Disclaimer – I have shared my experience here , speak to your Health care providers.As every body is different. 
I would love to hear what you think about this article, your question are more then welcome 🙂
L O V E,